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ABU TV Song Festival 2015


4th ABU TV SONG FESTIVAL 2015              

We are pleased to invite your organization to participate in the 4th ABU TV Song Festival 2015.
The ABU with the cooperation of Turkish Radio Television Corporation(TRT), will be holding the 4th International TV Song Festival on 28 October 2015 in conjunction with the 52nd ABU General Assembly, 25-31 October, this year.
The festival will bring together the best of Asia-Pacific top solo or group talents hailing from an array of national music scenes.
The ABU TV Song Festival will be a celebration of popular music featuring high-profile musical talents, not a competition among amateurs. Participating member organizations will be invited to provide a solo artist or musical group who enjoy mass appeal in their home country to be featured in the song festival. The program will showcase musical acts representing ABU members, and will have a running time of one and half hours.
If your organisation is interested in participating in the Festival, please submit the Participation Form by 15th April 2015.
We look forward to receiving your Participation Form.

Relevant documents are attached here:
For more information, please contact:
Hanizah Mohd Hamzah (Mrs)
Senior Executive for TV
Tel: +603 2283 5187

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