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WRC-12 Conference on Frequency Spectrum opens in Geneva

The 2012 World Radiocommunication Conference opened on 23 January in Geneva, addressing a large number of issues on the use of radio frequency spectrum by several industries including the broadcasters. This conference is organized by the International Telecommunication Union, the Specialized UN Agency on telecommunications. The conference will decide on how to meet the increased global demand for spectrum, fuelled by rapid technological developments and growth in the use of communication technologies. It will also consider the needs of the on-going services. The conference will find ways and means of restricting any interference that introduction of new services might cause to existing services.

Among the agenda items is a broadcasting item pertaining to the easy access to operating frequencies for ENG and EFP links and wireless camera and microphone frequencies when broadcasters travel to foreign countries pursuing a news story. In addition, two other items pertain to usage of 21 GHz spectrum for Ultra-HDTV satellite broadcasting and the possible use of the upper part of the UFH TV band for mobile services.

The ABU places a lot of emphasis on spectrum matters and has been quite active on spectrum studies in a four-year period which resulted in contributions to WRC-12 on 10 important issues. 

The conference in itself is one of the largest with more than 3500 delegates from all over the world. More than 2700 proposals have been received from Member States for amendment of Radio Regulations which pertain to the use of frequency spectrum and the associated rules.

Mr Tariq Al Awadhi of the United Arab Emirates was appointed to chair the conference.