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ABU General Assembly, Chengdu – China 2017: Two ABU Vice Presidents Elected in Chengdu

The 54th ABU General Assembly in Chengdu concluded last week with the election of Mr Ryoichi Ueda, President of NHK-Japan and Mr Sun Yusheng, Vice President of CCTV-China and Executive Vice President of CGTN-China as Vice Presidents of the ABU for a term a three years.

Mr Ueda will start his 3-year term as from 1 January 2018 while Mr Yusheng will take office with immediate effect and will continue his service for three years from January 2018

Five seats of the Administrative Council (AC) were also up for election. ABU members re-elected RTPRC-China, HUM TV-Pakistan and VTV-Vietnam for the next three years term. Khabar Agency- Kazakhstan and MTV-Sri Lanka have been elected as new members to the Administrative Council for three years from January 2018.