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Who’s Who at Asiavision

Who’s Who at Asiavision

Asiavision’s team is complete with Senior Editor, Ahmed Afruh Rasheed, leading the unit from his home city, Male’ in Maldives, and Digital Coordinator Hashim Ahmad Hakeem, working from his base in Delhi, India.

Like the rest of the News Department working-from-home in Kuala Lumpur, they are online day and night, ensuring the latest quality stories are available on Asiavision’s News Exchange.

As Editor of the News Department at public broadcaster Television Maldives, Afruh headed a staff of 60 before a stint as Executive Producer of Television Maldives’ programming, overseeing infotainment and entertainment.

With his experience as a multi-media journalist, Hashim’s digital skills also benefit Asiavision’s training agenda including Mojo (Mobile Journalism).

You can get to know the News Department team, their background and their special interests here.