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China Media Group unveils new films

(Photo: CGTN screenshot)

China’s biggest media organisation, China Media Group, has unveiled a number of new films at the Hainan International Film Festival.

They include ‘Peking Man: The Last Secret of Mankind’ ‘Keep Running’ and ‘Into Space’, CGTN reports.

‘Peking Man, The Last Secrets of Humankind’ documents the historical narrative of ancient human evolution in East Asia. It has been made jointly by filmmakers from China and France and will be released globally in 2023.

Based on the latest archaeological discoveries, it reproduces five representative stages in the history of human evolution and involves such primitive ethnic groups as Yuanmou Man, Lantian Man, Peking Man and Shandingdong Man.

The feature film ‘Into Space’ tells a story of a young space station engineer who is selected to become a trainee astronaut and flies to space to perform emergency missions.

The documentary ‘Keep Running’ focuses on the running team of an amateur sports school in the small city of Genhe in northern China and took five years to complete.

It tells the story of the team members who try their best to challenge their physical limits and fate in tough and extremely cold conditions.