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TVRI World launches weekly Asiavision program, ‘Your World’ 

TVRI World has launched a weekly program featuring the best content from the ABU’s video news exchange, Asiavision (AVN).

Called ‘Your World’, the 27-minute program showcases stories from Asiavision members and our sister unions around the world.

It is presented by a trio of hosts: Shavira Juniar, Zulhafidz Tadore, and Dhiya Ayu Fadila.

Eighteen to 20 stories are featured each week and reflect the full range of issues and events on Asiavision.

TVRI World’s Manager of News Yusuf Muhammad says ‘Your World’ has an important remit: “We want to show our audiences what’s happening around the world and improve their understanding of issues, opinions and cultural perspectives. Asiavision allows us to do that in an engaging and cost- effective way.”

Director of ABU News, Deborah Steele: “This is a very exciting development for Asiavision and highlights the quality of the vision available to members. It’s also a terrific demonstration of the range of headline and breaking news, human interest stories and issues-based content provided by our members each week.”

‘Your World’ is broadcast on TVRI World every Saturday at 6.30pm Jakarta time and it is also available on YouTube.