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Arab Media Congress focus on Media in Artificial Intelligence Era: Opportunities and Challenges

The 3rd Arab Media Congress (AMC) focussed on the topic “Media in the Artificial Intelligence Era: Opportunities and Challenges”. AMC is part of the 43rd General Assembly of Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), this week.

Several media personalities from the region and from around the world participated in the event. ABU Secretary-General, Ahmed Nadeem represented ABU at the meetings.

Speaking at the panel on Technical and Technological aspects of using Artificial Intelligence, Nadeem said, “broadcasters should explore and implement AI technologies within their operations, to benefit from the speed and efficiency improvements it provides. ABU Secretary-General at the same time said, “they need to be cautious on the risks and develop necessary guidelines to maintain ethical considerations and safeguard their integrity”

The congress this year has been divided into five main topical themes. These include, Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Media Content Creation to Artificial Intelligence and Media Professions and Technical and Technological aspects of using Artificial Intelligence. The other two were Artificial Intelligence: Ethics and Legislation and the Review of successful experiences in using Artificial Intelligence in the Media.

The declaration will include recommendations and proposals that emerged from different sessions. According ASBU, the declaration is meant to enlighten Arab media institutions, professionals and researchers in dealing properly with Artificial Intelligence, improve production and content.


The AMC also included an industry exhibition on AI technologies and solutions.