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ABU Technical Review accepting submissions

The quarterly ABU Technical Review (TR) magazine, a collection of articles that cover the breadth and depth of the broadcasting industry’s technical expertise, is accepting submissions from those interested. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your organisation’s work and gain significant exposure.

ABU Technical Review magazine is open to a variety of articles, including research papers, details on new technical developments, and any other content that will pique the interests of readers.

The Technical Review magazine is distributed to all ABU members, industry partners, and technical staff, as well as international organisations such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), other broadcasting associations, and universities. 

While it primarily targets engineers, the publication also features general interest news stories. It contains articles on new technologies, developments in broadcasting, member innovations, and other materials of interest to engineers.

Article submissions can be of any length and written in any style. Should it include photos, they must be of high resolution (at least 2 megapixels). Although the publication cannot offer payment, it does provide a free half-page advertisement for selected articles, especially those covering technical research. The advertisement will be placed immediately after the article, giving your organisation extra publicity. The title of your article will also be featured on the cover and there is also an author feature after the article. 

Additionally, articles by ABU members on Case Studies, Research, and Practical Implementations are eligible for the annual ABU Technical Review Prizes, which include a cash prize and a certificate.

You can view previous issues of the Technical Review here.

We look forward to considering your submission. If you need more information, please contact