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ABU Director appointed Chair of WBU News Committee

The ABU’s Director of News, Deborah Steele, is the new chair of the World Broadcasting Unions’ News Committee.

Deborah replaces Liz Corbin from the European Broadcasting Union, who stepped down due to other commitments.

The Committee discusses and responds to key industry issues and exchanges information.

Deborah Steele: “The WBU plays an important role in uniting public service broadcasters around the world, sharing expertise, improving our ability to meet key service obligations and strengthening our response to issues of mutual concern. I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve in this role, enhancing the role of the WBU News Committee and promoting the needs and activities of sister unions.”

In addition to the ABU and the EBU, the committee includes the Directors of News from the Arab States Broadcasting Union, the African Union of Broadcasters, the Caribbean Broadcasting Union, the International Association of Broadcasting and the North American Broadcasters Association.

The WBU statement is available at