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Jordan’s JRTV, China’s CGTN Arabic and Qatar’s QMC among winners at 24th Arab Radio and TV Festival

Jordan Radio and Television Corporation (JRTV), China Global Television Network (CGTN) Arabic and Qatar Media Corporation were among the big winners at the highly anticipated 24th Arab Radio and TV Festival which took place in Tunis, Tunisia, from 26th to 29th June recently.

JRTV earned the first prize in the main radio competitions for their epic drama program “Antara.” 

Meanwhile, two programmes by China Global Television Network (CGTN) Arabic won awards. “Treasures and Masks”, a documentary showing history of the ancient Egyptian and Shu (Sichuan) civilizations, and “My Youth in the Countryside” a radio program telling stories of young people launching businesses in their hometowns, won the first prizes in the categories of television special documentary and broadcasting economy respectively.

The Qatar Media Corp won three awards: Qatar TV won the first prize for the documentary film ‘Museums in Qatar’.

It also secured the second prize for Programme Exchanges of 2023, within the festival’s Arab Radio and Television competition in Tunisia. Additionally, Qatar Radio won the second prize in the “Notable Arab Figures” category.

The festival was attended by representatives from member organisations of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, specialists in directing, production, and programme preparation, as well as representatives from private Arab production companies and Arab and international news agencies.