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ABU and IPPTAR discuss future and potential collaborations in meeting on 24th June

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and the Tun Abdul Razak Broadcasting and Information Institute (IPPTAR) met on 24th June to discuss potential future collaborations.

ABU and IPPTAR have a history of working together on various events, including workshops and webinars. Notable events hosted in Kuala Lumpur include the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium (DBS), the ABU Sports Media Conference (SMC), and ABU CON-FEST 2024. The upcoming Global News Forum will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 17th to 19th July.

During the meeting, ABU Secretary General Ahmed Nadeem announced plans to introduce the new Head of Media Academy to IPPTAR’s Director. This introduction aims to explore collaborative opportunities for courses and programs, leveraging ABU’s network of international delegates and regional professionals.

IPPTAR is planning to host workshops for ASEAN members as Malaysia will chair ASEAN next year. These workshops will focus on artificial intelligence (AI), its awareness, and implementation. ABU Technology Director Dr. Veysel Binbay, an AI and ChatGPT expert, will collaborate with IPPTAR on these workshops.

IPPTAR also seeks industry experts on storytelling and production. The Head of TV at ABU, Hanizah Hamzah, will be the person-in-charge (PIC) for these initiatives.

Additional discussions included ABU’s plan to sponsor the upgrade of the surau (Muslim prayer space) and the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charging port in the IPPTAR compound.