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RTHK creates AI Lab promoting smart broadcasting and AI education

Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is committed to advancing smart broadcasting and  in July launched an AI Lab in Kwun Tong, dedicated  to exploring the application of AI technology in programme production, inspiring creativity, enhancing work efficiency, and improving programme quality.  The AI Lab also serves to promote media education, providing young students the opportunities to learn about the integration of AI and television production through facility tours. Aside from cultivating creative thinking, the tours emphasise AI ethics, including honesty, the importance of respecting intellectual property rights, and guarding against potential biases in generated content.

To keep up with rapid technological development and new media trends, the RTHK AI Lab is equipped with a variety of AI software to enhance production efficiency. This includes tools for language translation, old footage restoration, image/video quality improvement, noise removal, slow motion enhancement, text-to-image/video, outfit conversion, and more. The new professional software not only shortens production time but also significantly improves visual quality. In terms of systems, RTHK has also introduced a Motion Capture System, Unreal Engine with High Performance Computer, as well as AI-enabled video editing and audio mixing systems, providing the production team with more diverse creative possibilities.

Earlier, members of the RTHK Advisory Board visited RTHK AI Lab, and expressed appreciation for and endorsement of the direction toward smart broadcasting. Last month, RTHK also arranged 12 workshops for primary and secondary school students to experience various AI applications in use. During the activities, students assumed producer roles, gaining hands-on experiences within a virtual studio environment using simulated lighting, camera, and set equipment for the filming of a virtual character. They also collaborated across professional mentors, experiencing the use of AI software tools for image and design, photography and editing. Through these production activities, the students were able to experience and demonstrate the responsible application of AI technologies.