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TBS announced as World Athletics Championships Tokyo 25 Principal Supporter

Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS) has been named the Event Principal Supporter in the Broadcasting Engagement Services category for the upcoming World Athletics Championships Tokyo 2025. This prestigious event, which follows the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, is the world’s leading athletics competition.

TBS has a long-standing history of bringing the excitement of the World Athletics Championships to viewers, having served as a Media Partner since the 1997 Championships in Athens. As Japan hosts its first World Athletics Championships in 18 years, TBS is set to deliver dynamic broadcasts that showcase the top athletes’ performances and the vibrant reactions of spectators. The broadcaster will also play a crucial role in fostering public interest in athletics, promoting the sport and its athletes to audiences in Tokyo and across Japan through various engagement initiatives.

TBS Television Inc President Masamine Ryuho said: “We are truly delighted to have concluded the World Athletics Championships Tokyo 25 Principal Supporter Sponsorship Agreement (Broadcasting Engagement Services) with the Local Organising Committee of World Athletics Championships Tokyo 25 (“LOC”). As the broadcaster, TBS have delivered the emotion and excitement of the World Championships to people in Japan since 1997.

At the World Athletics Championships Tokyo 25 (“WCH Tokyo 25”), in addition to broadcast, as the “Principal Supporter”, TBS will penetrate the attraction of the World Athletics Championships, by cooperating with the LOC and other parties. By utilising our assets, we will engage in various engagement activities over the next year leading to the WCH Tokyo 25, as well as trying to accomplish the fully packed stadium throughout the 9-day WCH Tokyo 25. There will be multifaceted opportunities to experience the WCH Tokyo 25, not only for people in Japan, but also for visitors from overseas.

In September 2025, we sincerely hope that numerous people will be engaged with the wonderful value of sports through watching the event at the stadium or via our broadcast. It will be our great pleasure that we could assist building a society where children who will be responsible for the future and other people can lead prosperous lives.”