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ABU Statutes and Declarations

ABU Statutes
ABU Statutes 2015
ABU Statutes 2014
ABU Statutes 2012
ABU Statutes 2011
ABU Statutes 2009 - updated on 24 Nov 2009
ABU Statutes 2006 - as approved in Beijing  

ABU Codes of Ethics and Declarations
ABU@2020 Declaration of Commitment
Macau Declaration ABUGA 2014

ABU Media Summit on Climate Change, ICTs and Disaster Risk Reduction 2014
Jakarta Statement Of Commitment

ABU Declarations on Climate change 2009
Ulaanbaatar Declaration

ABU Declarations on HIV/AIDS 2008
Bali GA Declaration

ABU Tehran Declaration 2007
ABU Tehran Declaration 2007 

ABU EWBS Declarations
ABU EWBS Declaration 2006
A Common Code of Ethics 

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