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ABU-RT 360 VR Short Film Co-production Creative Workshop & Meeting
21-23 August 2018, Moscow, Russia

ABU is introducing a brand new co-production initiative with RT Channel titled ABU-RT 360 VR Short Film Co-production lnitiative, marking  the launch of ABU’s first-ever 360° virtual reality co-production initiative exclusively for online content.

Aim and Purpose
The aim of this co-production is to encourage ABU members to produce 360 VR short films and tell compelling stories in 360° to promote innovative online content tailor-made for the internet generation. All participating organisations are entitled to freely use other short films produced under this initiative on their own platforms, channels or social networks.

Creative Workshop and Meeting
The Creative Workshop and Meeting of the co-production initiative is scheduled to be held in Moscow, Russia from 21-23 August hosted by RT Channel

Co-production Workshop Benefits

During the 3-days participants spend at RT Channel in Moscow, they will:

  • Receive hands-on training from the award-winning Russian team that sent a 360° camera into space.
  • Learn how to create videos in 360° virtual reality format that will amaze audiences.
  • Get the exclusive opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art facilities of RT Channel and learn more about the success of RT360.

Production Requirements
This co-production requires a 360-degree camera for filming and shooting the footage and RT Team will be providing a list of recommended 360° cameras to be purchased if your organisation does not have one.

Prior knowledge of production in 360 degree is not required to participate in this co-production. Hands-on training will be provided on how to film and shoot video using 360° camera during the Creative Workshop.

Tentative schedule of the Creative Workshop and Meeting

For inquiries, please contact Mr Hamdhoon Rashad, Project Manager New Media, at