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Safeguarding tomorrow: Building media sustainability in the Pacific 

10th ABU Pacific Media Partnership Conference

Apia, Samoa, 5-7 August 2019

There is nothing as predictable as change. The era of gradual change in environments, societies and societal structures is long gone. We now live in a world of exponential transformation, and it is getting faster and faster.

Nowhere is this more evident or challenging than in the Pacific Islands region where modern pressures are overlaid on traditional cultures and lifestyles, exacerbated by diversity and distance.

This year’s ABU Pacific Media Partnership Conference in Apia, Samoa, examines sustainability amidst change from a variety of angles, including:

  • Creating robust broadcasting organisation strong enough to withstand the damaging forces of change while still being agile enough to adapt and advance.
  • Giving audiences the new programming they crave, without destroying the old and the traditional.
  • Building honest, reliable and trusted news services in an era of fake news and reckless social media.
  • Technical transitioning – knowing what technologies to retain, what to pursue and what to discard.
  • How Pacific Islands broadcasters can respond practically to communities experiencing transformation and disintegration.
  • In the face of climate change denialism, apathy and limited resources, what Pacific Islands media can contribute to preserving a liveable planet for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

The PMPC will be a mix of formal conference sessions, showcases and practical workshops.

The conference part will be divided into four sessions, each dedicated to a specific strand within the overall theme of media sustainability. These are not designed to include only specialists in those areas but will be open to every conference delegate; it is vital in a changing world we become multi-skilled and can develop multiple perspectives within every organisation and country.



DAY 1 – 5 AUGUST 2019


0930 – 10.00

 Opening and Welcome


Regional Dialogue

10:00 – 10:45

Top Table Round Table

High level discussion, with CEO’s and other experts leading discussion on the major Issues in the Pacific Islands region, including in the media and within their own organisations.



Tea & Coffee Break

Strand #1

1115 – 12.30


ABU Masterclass: Media Climate Action - Building Resilience


1230 - 1400

Lunch and Networking

 Strand #2




 Building Trust in our content – on air and online

 This session explores the second major conference topic, building trust in our content and in our relationship with our audiences:

 a)       News and current affairs – the challenges of sustaining reliability, reputation and trust.

b)      Multimedia – how to multiplatform and use new online tools (such as Internet broadcasting, podcasting and social media) for both making and distributing content.

 Panellists include:

 ·         Broadcast content leaders

  • Experts in news, sport and information content
  • Experts in multimedia and cross-media production.


1530 - 1600

Tea & Coffee Break


1600 - 1700


 Programming Showcases

Major local or regional initiatives on the two areas above, including multimedia, convergent productions and co-productions that would benefit Pacific Islands broadcasters.


DAY 2 – 6 AUGUST 2019

Strand #3

0930 – 1030

 New Technologies and Challenges

 Experts discuss a range of technical choices, including:

a)       New advances in broadcasting and new media technologies for Pacific Islands broadcasters.

b)      How to conduct technology audits and determine what technologies work for your organisation and what you don’t need.

c)       Online versus broadcasting – is it a choice or can we make complex interconnections work for content producers and our audiences.

d)      Increasing the capabilities of content producers – what tools are available and how we equip content creators, including mobile journalists.


  • Broadcast, digital and online technology leaders
  • Technology futurists
  • Independent experts able to challenge established practices and theories.


1030 - 1100


 Technology showcase

An example from the region of how “thinking outside the box” is benefitting broadcasters in the technology fields.



Tea & Coffee Break

 Strand #4

1115 – 12.30


 Responding to Social challenges  

This session looks at the major issues facing Pacific Islands communities – what they are and how can we in the media can share solutions. Topics will include:

a)       Violence, crime and social breakdown – what role can broadcasters play, with some practical examples of initiatives that work in our region.

c)       The young and the old – how we can position our organisation to address two increasingly important and challenging demographics, the growing numbers of young people and the elderly.

Panellists include:

  • Civil society leaders, both government and non-government
  • Academics respected for their research in the issues, especially in the Pacific Islands.
  • Advocates for sectors of society with special needs, e.g. young and old.


12.30 - 1300

 Official Conference Close

1300 - 1415

Lunch and Networking


5 – 9 August

Workshop 1

ABU-UNESCO Workshop:  Building the capacity of Pacific Media to cover Climate Change

6 August


Workshop 2

Technology Solutions for the Pacific

6 August


Workshop 3

Using Facebook Live to extend your broadcasting reach

7 August

09:00 – 17:00

Workshop 4 – Mobile Journalism (MOJO)

Please find the host invitation letter and the hotel booking form below:

PMPC_2019 Host Invite.pdf
PMPC_2019_Hotel Booking Form

For more information or enquiries, please contact:

  Olya Booyar
  ABU Head of Radio

  Nisa Ahmad