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25 - 27 April 2016
Beijing, China

 RadioAsia Conference 2016

This year’s RadioAsia Conference has the theme “Let us Talk Radio”.

RadioAsia conference attracts more than 300 eminent industry professionals, providing opportunities for exchange of experiences and networking. China National Radio is the local host for this event which will see broadcasters, content developers, regulators, academics and other industry players gather in Beijing for this event. Leading radio broadcasters from Europe, United States and the Middle East also participate.
The momentum of change in the radio industry is accelerating. Forward-looking radio broadcasters are finding new pathways to enhance the content of the services and their engagement with audiences. With an insatiable quest for newer, highly mobile and more immersive experience, radio content creators and journalists have added a new dimension to the media landscape.
RadioAsia2016 will address radio creativity with a new perspective, and how these will add to the development of the radio industry in the years to come. 
 Media2020 Conference

The Media2020 Conference 2016 is the confluence of broadcasters from Europe and Asia,  a platform to network, keep in touch and benefit from each other’s experience. The challenge for the media in the information age is to continue to deliver rich content across a range of platforms. It would be interesting to know eminent broadcasters of the two regions address industry developments in their respective areas. The theme of Media2020 conference is “Taking the Media Forward.

Broadcasting is at the forefront of raising awareness of environmental issues through Green Radio and Green TV, leading the people on global warming issues. The importance of media in the aftermath of natural disasters is widely recognised. The rapid response of the broadcast services helps to fill the information vacuum. Both radio and TV assist the affected population in getting over the difficulties, both emotional and physical. The Media2020 Conference 2016 is the confluence of broadcasters from Europe and Asia. It would be interesting to know eminent broadcasters of the two regions address industry developments in their respective areas. 




Day 1: 25 April 2016 (Monday)


Workshop 1

0900 - 1030


Facilitator: Ben Williams, Director, Beyond Broadcasting, UK

Talk Radio would simply not be Talk Radio without Interviews. Talking with people and conversation are the absolute cornerstones on which compelling radio is built. So, how do we get the very best out of people and how do we make sure we connect our interviewees as strongly as possible with our audiences to showcase the thoughts and views of their guest or guests?

This workshop will re-examine the most fundamental tool of good spoken-word for radio. In this  interactive workshop, involving role-playing and creative-brainstorming, we will examine what makes an interview work, highlighting having genuine curiosity, looking for surprises, pulling apart what we mean by an ‘expert’ and the “do’s and don’t’s of interviewing”.

1030 - 1100

Coffee Break


Workshop 2

1100 - 1230

Socialising Radio

Facilitator: Steve Ahern, Managing Director, Ahern Media & Training, Australia  

Radio has always been a very intimate medium. Now social media has become just as intimate.

When radio and social media work together the audience gets a richer experience that draws them closer to their favourite radio station.

How can radio broadcasters utilise the power of social media to their advantage to connect more closely to their audience and retain interaction, engagement and ratings for their radio channels?

The workshop will look into the latest tools broadcasters can use to link their radio programs and social media to achieve maximum audience engagement.

Bring your smart phones, tablets, iPads and computers to this interactive session to update on the latest trends and learn how to use the latest tools.                     


Day 1: 25 April 2016 (Monday)


1400 - 1430


Emcee: Ms Ma Li, Director General, International Cooperation Department, The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China

Welcome Remarks: Dr Javad Mottaghi, Secretary General, ABU

Ministerial Address: His Excellency Mr Cai Fuchao, Minister of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People's Republic of China

Keynote Session

1430 - 1515

Emcee: Ms Ma Li, Director General, International Cooperation Department, The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China

Invited Address: Media Cooperation along the Belt and Road:

Yan Xiaoming, President, China National Radio, China

Radio Industry Keynote: Total Digital Radio Landscape: Ms Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia and Vice-Chair World DMB Forum

1515 - 1545

Coffee Break

Session 1

1545 - 1700

Storytelling: The Power of Radio

Radio is the ‘theatre of the mind’. It creates beautiful imagery of words and music in the minds of audiences. The art of storytelling on radio requires great skill and vivid imagination. How to tell the story in an engaging way? How to use the special qualities of sound alone? How are mobile phones offering a new dimension to storytelling? This creative power of radio manifests itself and engages all sections of the audience.

 Chair: Barry Keohane, Media and Communications Specialists, Australia

  • The Charm of Radio: Zhao Tieqi, Vice President, China National Radio,  China

  • Storytelling: Six Secrets to get  Attention from Audience:   Wolfram Tech, BCI Group, Germany

  • Zhuang Chen, Acting Editor, Chinese Service, BBC

Interactivity: The Power of Radio

Radio has long been a means of communication from the stations to the audience – from one to many. The radio has been a “voice” for many people in the “phone-in programmes”. What type of legal issues these phone-in programmes mean for the stations and broadcast regulators? How does the law balance freedom of speech and the right to limit speeches? Are there guiding principles or best international practices that have been developed?

Moderator: Indu Shekhar Sinha, Head of Business Development, Asia & the Pacific, BBC, World Service

Panel :

  • Ms Shanthi Bhaghirathan, Group  Director, MBC, Capital Maharaja Org, Sri Lanka

  • Indu Shekhar Sinha, BBC, World Service

  • M Nawaz Dookhee, Legal Manager, ABU, Malaysia

Day 2: 26 April 2016 (Tuesday)

Session 2

0900 - 1030

Radio on the Move: A New Audience

Radio audiences use mobile platforms and devices to consume radio. This segment of the audience offers a great opportunity for radio broadcasters to create more engaging and participatory content. Radio is a multimedia player over the air broadcasting and on the Internet, with digital radio offering video and text based l content. OTT and radio streaming are another area that provide opportunities for audio content distribution. This session will address how content is leveraged to engage the audiences on the move.

Chair: Steve Ahern, Managing Director, Ahern Media & Training, Australia

  • Size and Scale-Lessons of growing a Network and keeping Radio Relevant to the Future:  Rhys Holleran, Media CEO, Australia
  • Engaging Audiences through Popularity Voting: Ms Yuko Asano, Multilingual Media Division, NHK WORLD RADIO, Japan
  • Media Convergence of Traditional Radio Mobile Internet Era:Huang Xin, President and General Manager, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation,  China
  • Radio Broadcasting Strategies to Address Audiences in Smart Media Era: Yoon Sok OH, Dy Director, Radio Programming & Planning, KBS, South Korea
  • Smart Radio  on Smart Phone - The New age  Digital Radio:Ms Shanthi Bhaghirathan, Capital Maharaja Org, Sri Lanka         

1030 - 1100

Coffee Break

Session 3

1100 - 1230

Public Service Broadcasting: Leading the Radio Marketplace

Public service radio is a major tool for the development process and social change in many parts of the world. It focuses on issues relating to education, health, environment, and agriculture and rural and community development. It can also help audiences to build bridges to connect with each other. Most public service radio broadcasters have re-invented themselves to meet the needs of the audiences. For some, connecting with audiences and actively engaging with listeners may need more innovation. This session will hear how this has been achieved.

Chair: Fayyaz Sheheryar, Director General, All India Radio, India

  • Challenges of Public Service Radio:Ms Echo P.M. WAI, Head of Digital Audio Broadcasting, Radio Television Hong Kong, China

  • Listening and Reading-Two ways towards Public Mission:

      Ovidiu Miculescu, President Director, Radio Romania

  • Business of Radio Broadcasting v/s Business by Broadcasting:  Fayyaz Sheheryar, All India Radio, India

  • Converging Media: Future of Public Radio in Asia:Tian Yuhong, Vice President, China Radio International, China



Session 4


Case Studies: Leading the Way in Competitive Markets

New strategies are needed for content creation, marketing and advertising revenue for radio. While younger audiences seek entertainment and music, more mature listeners enjoy infotainment. All the time, content creators and marketing experts have to re-invent their offerings. What are the key areas they should focus on? What are the methods employed by smaller stations and national-level broadcasters to stay ahead of the competition.

Chair: Ben Williams, Director, Beyond Broadcasting, UK

  • Radio Content–Building Audiences: Ms Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia

  • The Voice of China - How CNR Engages its Audience: Hou Donghe, Dy Director, CNR, China

  • DRM- Smart Digital Radio for Asia: Weifang Yang, Chinese rep for Ampegon

  • Remote Australian Radio - Technical Challenges and Successes:Martin Corben, Radio Broadcast and Media Trainer

Conference Concludes

4th ABU Song Festival 2016 Gala Event at

                                                                  CNR CONCERT HALL -1700

Cocktail Banquet: China Palace Hotel

Shanshuixianglian Hall-1900

The 4th ABU Radio Song Festival is a musical showcase from across Asia, Australia and the Pacific, embracing and recognizing the diverse musical talents of the nations within Asia and the Pacific.



27 April 2016 (Wednesday)



Opening and Welcome


  • Dr Yan ChengSheng, Deputy Director General, The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China

  • Mr Ovidiu Miculescu, President Director, Radio Romania

  • Dr Javad Mottaghi, Secretary General, ABU

Round Table Session


(All Media Session)

UHDTV and Surround Sound: The New Paradigm

The future is very high definition images and immersive sound that carries the viewer to the location of the event, becoming a part of it. The challenge for the media in the information age is to continue to deliver rich content to audiences. Excellence in broadcasting can be achieved by making big improvements in the image and sound quality. Thus the future of TV broadcasting is closely linked to the provision of Ultra High Definition images and immersive sound to the consumers. The content creation requirements of UHDTV are more complex in terms of conceptualisation, planning and production. This session will create awareness on UHDTV content developments, address the important issues that are related to UHDTV content creation, and identify how TV broadcasters can be empowered to proceed on the path to UHDTV.

Chair: Rhys Holleran,Media CEO, Australia

  • Ms. Wang Pei, Engineer, Technical Production Center, CCTV, China

  • Alexandre Pletser, Coordinator, European Programmes, RTBF, Belgium

  • Yuji Yamana, Senior Engineering Manager, News Technical Center Outside Broadcasting Division, Broadcasting Engineering Department, NHK, Japan

  • Toni Fiedler, Tonmeister, Director APAC of Fraunhofer IIS


Coffee Break

Session 1


(Radio Session)

Storytelling on Radio in the Digital Age

Radio is the “theatre of the mind” and story-telling is what is the strength of radio is. This genre of radio content carries the listeners into a different world and environment without the use of visuals, leaving a lasting impact on them. It is perhaps the most powerful tool available to the radio content creator. 

Chair: Indu Shekhar Sinha, Head of Business Development, Asia & the Pacific, BBC, World Service

  • Digital storytelling: Empowering radio audiences in the developing world: John Maguire, Director International Relations, France 24

  • Don’t hire DJ’s, hire Storytellers: Barry Keohane, Media and Communications Specialist, Australia

  • iPhone-A killer tool for enhancing your Storytelling and taking Radio beyond Radio!: Ben Williams, Director, Beyond Broadcasting, UK

  • New Communication- New Radio: Sun Xiangtong, President, SMG RADIO, China

Session 2


(TV Session)

TV Journalism and Social Media

The connection between broadcast TV news and social media platforms is strong and growing fast.  Social media have a substantial impact on news selection and production. Over the last several years an interesting debate has been going on about the need and reliability of citizen journalism, as also the information contained in the social media. News editors have to depend on the trends in the social media to formulate their bulletins. This session will address how social media can become a great source of news for TV. 

Chair: Jean Philip de Tender, Director, Media  Department, European Broadcasting Union

  • Are we Old? : Broadcast Journalism in the time of Citizen Journalism: Toshiyuki Sato, Special Controller, Japan Broadcasting Corporation International, Secretary-General, Public Broadcasters International,  Japan

  • Transforming Telivision into Mobile Media: Yang Jihong, Director, New Media Department, News Center, CCTV, China

  • News and Social Media in Europe: Alexandre Pletser, Coordinator European Programmes, RTBF, Belgium

·         TV Social Media and News: Rhys Holleran, Media CEO, Australia



Session 3


(Radio Session)

Digital Radio Delivery: European and Asian Viewpoint

The digital technology in media and broadcasting has opened up a variety of ways in which radio and associated multimedia content can be provided to the consumers. Many important issues, which pertain to markets and audiences, have emerged out of the use of the digital platform for radio broadcasting. These issues will be addressed in this session from the European and Asian perspectives. 

Chair: Giacomo Mazzone, Head of Members and Institutional relations, EBU

  • How Digital Radio is transforming Listening in Asia: Ms Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia

  • Radio: The Great Survivor: Graham Ellis, Dy Director, BBC Radio, President, EBU Radio Committee

  • Steve Ahern, Managing Director, Ahern Media & Training, Australia


Coffee Break

Session 4


(Radio&TV Session

Song Festivals in Asia and Europe: Promoting Culture

Song festivals have been the show-stoppers of TV and Radio broadcasting industry in Europe. In Asia, broadcasters are making rapid progress in this direction. Asian song shows are getting to the forefront. Experience gained in conducting and attracting huge audiences in both these regions will be shared at this session.

Chair: Ms Shanthi Bhaghirathan, Group Director, MBC, Capital Maharaja, Sri Lanka

  • RadiRo - The only Festival of Radio Orchestras in Europe extends to Asia in 2016: Ms Oltea Serban,Parau, General Delegate, Radio Orchestras Festival, Radio Romania

  • Ms Irene Jungeun KIM, Director, KBS International Relations, Korea

  • Radio helps Building Nation’s character through Art and Culture: Ms  Niken Widiasituti, Director General, Information and Public Communication, Ministry of Communication, Informatics and  Technology Indonesia

  • Ms Qiong Gan, Founder and President, Younger Culture (HongKong) Limited  ,  China

  • SBS success stories – PopAsia and Eurovision: Paul Clarke, Director, Blink TV & Andy Trieu , PopAsia, SBS, Australia

  • Broadcasting Classical Music Festivals from Around the World: Steve Robinson, General Manager, WFMT, USA

Session 5


(All Media  Session)

Asian and European  Media Cooperation

The European and Asian media markets have some common features and many dissimilarities. Managing and broadcasting content in these markets is quite challenging. Media cooperation among the broadcasters in both these regions will boost content production and benefit media practitioners. How this can be accomplished? Through song festivals, drama festivals, co-productions, children’s programming and training among others? How can this integration be achieved?

  • Festivals

  • Co-productions

  • Children’s programming

  • Training

Chair:  Graham Ellis, , EBU

  • Giacomo Ghisani, Acting Director General Radio Vaticana

  • Giacomo Mazzone, EBU

  • Daniel Brouyere, Director General, International Radio and Television Union

  • Ms Shanthi Bhaghirathan, MBC, Sri Lanka

  • Ms. Alessandra Paradisi, Vice Director, International Relations, Institutional and International Relations Department, RAI, Italy

  • Ms Oyundari Tsagaan, General Director, Mongolian National Broadcaster, Mongolia

  • Mr Jean Philip de Tender, EBU 

  • Steve Ahern, Ahern Media & Training, Australia

Conference  Concludes


The Violin of George Enescu

     China National Radio Concert Hall : 1830

Presented by Radio Romania



The ABU Radio Song Festival 2016 was take place in Beijing, China. This is fourth year of this exciting radio activity of the ABU. The festival, being hosted by CNR, will take place in conjunction with the RadioAsia2016 Conference on 26 April 2016.

The Festival aims to encourage ABU radio members to participate by sending some of the best music and songs of talented fresh young singers, which will contribute to a “Bank of Songs” under the banner of the ABU.  The Festival will showcase some of the best of the best unsigned local talent to an International audience. The objective of the activity is to discover, encourage, introduce and promote new song compositions by unknown and upcoming artistes among ABU member countries; provide an international gateway for the winning artistes to have their music heard through a pan-Asia/Pacific Song Festival and to promote greater collaboration and team work among ABU radio broadcasters. 



China People's Palace Hotel


No.1 Zhenwumiao Road, Fuxingmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China 100045   


Tel:  +861086097456

Fax: +861068045631

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Ovidiu Miculescu
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John Maguire
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Radio Orchestras Festival
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Rhys Holleran
Media CEO

Steve Robinson
The WFMT Radio Network

Niken Widiasituti
Information and
Public Communication,
Ministry of Communication
Informatics and Technology Indonesia 

Yoon Sok OH
Korean Broadcasting Union

Yuko Asano

Ben Williams
 Beyond Broadcasting


Giacomo Ghisani
Radio Vaticana
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KBS International Relations

Fayyaz Sheheryar
All India Radio

Oyundari Tsagaan
Mongolian National Broadcaster
Barry Keohane
Media and Communications 
 Toshiyuki Sato
Public Broadcasters International
Alessandra Paradisi
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 Yuji Yamana
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 Graham Ellis
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 Martin Corben
Radio Broadcast 
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 Steve Ahern
Ahern Media & Training
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Wolfram Tech

BCI Group

Indu Shekhar Sinha
        Alexandre Pletser


Daniel Brouyere
Toni Fiedler
Ton Meister Expert

Andy Trieu
SBS PopAsia

 Giacomo Mazzone

 Paul Clarke
Blink TV 
Hou Donghe
China National Radio
Yang Jihong
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 Yan Xiaoming
China National Radio 
Tian Yuhong
China Radio International
 Sun Xiangtong
SMG Radio
Huang Xin
Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation

Zhao Tieqi
China National Radio
Qiong Gan
Younger Culture

  RadioAsia 2016

 Conference Organiser









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