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26 - 28 April 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Radio is here to stay despite competition. While new technologies have actually helped radio to develop further and deliver its products over multiple platforms, we believe that innovation in content is the key to the future of radio.
Across the region, the radio industry has matured and fresh investments are being made in radio broadcasting. Some broadcasters have already ventured into digital radio broadcasting and currently run regular radio services for city listeners and those in the countryside.

Radio broadcasters are creating content with audiences, not just pushing content out at them. Collaborative content is the key to the future, not just about the content we are making, but it is the content that we share that will drive us to the future. The partnership with audiences will help the radio broadcasting to be successful and enhance public trust.

Looking forward, radio will continue to enhance its presence in the multimedia space. RadioAsia2017 will explore the major aspects of the theme the ‘Creating Radio with Passion: Looking into the World of Radio’ and how these will add to the efficacy of the radio industry in the years to come.


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Day 1: 26 April 2017 (Wednesday)

Masterclass 1
0900 - 1030

Putting Passion in Production
Facilitator: Beyond Broadcasting, UK
The emotional connection with your audience is uniquely important when it comes to radio. How do you achieve it? One thing, for certain,  is that for audiences to be passionate about your output you need to have passion in your teams, from top to bottom. This is how you get yourself heard above the noise of the multitude of digital channels, creating a connection on an emotional level and a real passion for your output.
This workshop will unpick the elements that give ‘passion’ to your output, recognising that it cannot be an add-on but needs to run through the DNA of our stations.  We will examine the steps and processes that have an impact on what we produce and explore how we can bring more passion to every level.  The result?  Output that builds stronger, deeper connections with our audience and makes them feel passionate about us.    

1030 - 1100

Coffee Break

Masterclass 2
1100 - 1230

Write Well… Make Money: Secrets of success in Radio Sales and Copywriting
- Steve Ahern, Managing Director, Ahern Media & Training, Australia                  
- David Sayers, Broadcaster, Director of Corporate Affairs and Marketing

This Masterclass will help to discover what the client really wants from their radio advertising and how to deliver it by writing great ad copy. Workshop  will present 90 minutes of fast paced training you can use to increase your station’s revenue.                  


  Day 1: 26 April 2017 (Wednesday)

0900 - 1230

DAB+ developments in the Asia Pacific

Presenters: WorldDAB and industry experts

Topics include:

- the latest developments in DAB+ digital radio in the Asia Pacific and the rest of the    world
- the latest technical features for vehicles, smartphones and hybrid operation
- case studies on commercial radio, Thailand’s way forward and the radio spectrum  
  challenge in SE Asia
- Progress on DAB+ transmission and receiver equipment.

A Q&A session will also be provided with our panel of industry experts

Click to download full workshop programme


Day 1: 26 April 2017 (Wednesday)

1400 - 1430

Emcee: Martin Corben, Radio Broadcast and Media Trainer
Welcome Remarks: Dr Javad Mohttaghi, Secretary General, ABU
Ministerial Address: His Excellency Mr. Ormsin Chivapruck, Minister Attached to the Prime Minister's Office

Industry Session
1430 - 1530

Emcee: Martin Corben
Industry Keynote: Ms Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia and Vice-Chair World DAB
Invited Address: Radio Scenario in Thailand – Near Term Developments: Col. Dr. Natee Sukonrat, Chairman, Broadcasting Commission & Vice Chairman NBTC  

1530 - 1600

Coffee Break

Session 1
1600 - 1730

Creating the Future
In the rapidly changing media landscape and diverse methods of media consumption, how to create the future of radio so that it can put itself in a pivotal position while staying strong and relevant? Listening is high and radio is increasingly using alternative platforms to reach audiences and develop its offer to stay relevant. This session will see leading radio professionals addressing where radio should be heading and how to ensure a bright future for radio.

Chair: Indu Shekhar Sinha, Head of Business Development,Asia & the Pacific Region, BBC World Service
-'Quo Vadis? Radio: Charting the Future: Fayyaz Sheheryar, Director General, All India Radio, India

-Saving Lives during Disasters: Role of Radio in Wellness Messaging: Ms Miwa Araki, Producer, Radio Programme Center, NHK, Japan

-TBC:Ovidiu Miculescu,President Director,RadioRomania

-Making Radio Relevant for "Smart Phone" Generation: Ms Shammi Lochan, Radio Manager, FBC, Fiji

- Dot Radio: Graham Dixon, Head of Radio, EBU

Day 2: 27 April 2017 (Thursday)

Session 2
0900 - 1030

Beyond Radio: Programing with Passion
Current radio is not just limited to programing in words and music. Modern radio stations do a lot more to create keen interest among audiences and to engage them closely. They also enhance their brand image. Holding of events with audiences is one such measure which is very common. This session will hear about the efforts and the ways radio stations have developed to further enhance the impact of radio among audiences and promote audience participation.
Chair: Ben Williams, Director, Beyond Broadcasting, UK
-Passion for Youth Radio: Ms Kartini Binti Kamalul Ariffin, Director Radio iM4UFm Radio, Malaysia
-Community Broadcasting and Passion for Radio Broadcast in Hong Kong:  Wilson Ching, Deputy Head of Community Involvement Broadcast Service, RTHK, Hong Kong
-TBC: Dr Puwanart Kunpalin, Senior Radio DJ, Atime Media, Thailand
-Impact of Radio to  Cultural and Socio-political scenarios in  Philippines: Dr Edna Bernabe, Dean, College of Communication, Polytechnic University, Philippines


Coffee Break

Session 3
1100 - 1200

Radio Streaming and Podcasting: How are Broadcasters Making use of Internet Platforms
Most radio broadcasters, including those in the Asia-Pacific, run parallel service through Internet streaming. This provides access to their live programmes to audiences on mobile devices (phones). This also extends the reach of the content to well beyond the broadcasting coverage, potentially to anywhere in the world. Many broadcasters make use of the Podcasts to supplement their Internet offerings. How are the radio broadcasters addressing these operations, both on the basis of content and on streaming. This session will receive information on how this has been practically accomplished by broadcasters.
Chair: Steve Ahern, Managing Director, Ahern Media & Training, Australia                  
-Hybrid DAB+ Radio: Ms Kathryn Brown, Strategic Development, Commercial Radio Australia
-Using Mobile Application 'KONG': Ms Cho Jung-hyun, KBS, Korea
-Using Interactive Platforms: Ms Buraorn Chumcheun, Senior Producer, JS100 Radio, Thailand
-New ways to sell and write copy:  David Sayers, Copywriting and Sales Expert


Kinderling Kids Radio
In conversation with:

-Evan Kaldor, Managing Director, Kinderling 
-Tim Ritchie, Head of Content, Kinderling




Session 4
1400 - 1530

Radio Initiatives: How New Ideas were Implemented
In this debate, presenters will expound on how they actually implemented new ideas in radio content programing and delivery.
Chair:  Barry Keohane, Managing Director, Top of Mind Media, Australia
-Implementation for Success: Radu Obreja, Marketing Director, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
-Reflective Coaching: Ms Napat Makduangkaew, Master Coach and Trainer, MCOT, Thailand

-True information: Positioning Radio as Social Media of First Choice: Mrs Dwi Hemuningsih, Board of Supervisory, RRI, Indonesia
-Radio in Schools-Trending and Mixing: Dr. Elizabeth S. Mendoza, Director, Courseline International Services, Philippines

Interactive  Session

Radio Health Check: Barry Keohane

When was the last time you gave your radio station a health check?  Is it performing the way you want, or does it need a tune up?  In this 30 minute session, award winning content specialist Barry Keohane presents 8 ways to improve the health of your radio station.  From better time management, to air checking tips right through to getting the most out of your social media.  This session will give you the tools to help energise your radio station, increase your audience and give your clients a better return on their investment.


Coffee Break

Session 5

Implementation of Technology Initiatives in Radio

While new technologies for radio keep on evolving and developing, their implementation takes a good bit of effort. There are many stakeholders whose participation is essential for successful introduction of new technologies in radio broadcasting; in the studios, over the air and in Internet delivery. Presenters in this session will address these issues.

Chair: Steve Ahern, Australia
-The DAB+ Rollout in Australia – Progress Continues: Dr Les Sabel, WorldDAB Technical
-Listen to Good Things and Good Things Happen: Prinn Muensuksaeng, Managing Director, Coolism, Thailand
-TBC: Steve Ahern, Australia


Day 3: 28 April 2017 (Friday)

Session 6
0900 - 1000

Radio Summit

This session will offer a high level debate in which top radio executives from Asian and European broadcasters will provide insight on current opportunities and challenges in radio broadcasting. They will also discuss how their organisations dealt with such issues successfully.

Chair:Indu Shekhar Sinha, Head of Business Development, BBC World Service

-Community Radio, Australia: Ms Joan Warner CEO, Commercial Radio Australia and Vice-Chair World DAB
-Challenges and Opportunities:Ms Shammi Lochan, Radio Manager, FBC, Fiji
-Dr Charoon Chaisorn, Deputy Director-General, Govt Public Relations Department (PRD), Thailand


Coffee Break

Session 7

Storytelling on Radio
Radio is the “theatre of the mind” and story-telling is what the strength of radio is. This genre of radio content carries the listeners into a different world and environment without the use of visuals, leaving a lasting impact on them. It is perhaps the most powerful tool available to the radio content creator.
Chair: Tim Ritchie, Head of Content, Kinderling
-Japanese Beauty: Ms Mari Kitaizumi, Producer, NHK World Radio Japan, NHK
-Snackable, Likable, Shareable: Story telling for today’s Mobile Audience:
Wolfram Tech, BCI Group, Germany

-Developing Storytellers: Martin Corben, Australia
-FM91 Society’s Facilitator: Ms Pichaya Angkatavanich, Director Programming, FM91 Trafficpro, Thailand
-TBC: Akim Mogaji, New Media Networks



Session 8




Festivals in Europe and Asia: Promoting Culture
Festivals have been the show-stoppers of radio broadcasting industry in Europe. In Asia, broadcasters are making rapid progress in this direction. Asian song shows are getting to the forefront. Experience gained in conducting and attracting huge audiences in both these regions will be shared at this session.
-Creating and Broadcasting Culture:  Romanian Experience
Ms Oltea Serban-Parau, Producer, Festival Radio Orchestras," Radio Romania
-Cultural Promotion by Radio in France / Europe
John Maguire, Director, International Relations, France Medias Monde, France
-Cultural Preservation in India: AIR Experience: Fayyaz Sheheryar, AIR, India  
-Festivals for the Millennials: Ms Kartini Binti Kamalul Ariffin, IM4u Malaysia
-King’s Cup Traditional Long Boat Racing Festival: Ms Phrawrawee Chindasri, Senior Radio DJ, MCOT, Thailand


Followed by Refreshments

Conference Concludes




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Joan Warner
Commercial Radio Australia

Fayyaz Sheheryar
All India Radio

Oltea Serban-Parau
Radio Orchestras Festival
Radio Romania

Cl.Dr.Natee Sukonrat

Dwi Hemuningsih
Radio Republik Indonesia

Charoon Chaisorn
Government Public Relations

Cho Jung-hyun
Korean Broadcasting System

Les Sabel
Commercial Radio Australia

Miwa Araki
Nippon Hoso Kyokai

Ovidiu Miculescu
Radio Romania






Mari Kitaizumi
NHK World Radio

Evan Kaldor

Buraorn Chumcheun
JS100 Radio

Tim Ritchie

Kathryn Brown
Commercial Radio Australia


David Sayers
Corporate Affairs and Marketing

 Prinn Muensuksaeng

Indu Shekhar Sinha
BBC World Service

Kartini Binti Kamalul Arriffin
IM4U FM Radio

Barry Keohane
Top of Mind Media


Wilson Ching
Radio Television Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Shammi Lal
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Steve Ahern
Ahern Media & Training 

Napat Makduangkaew

John Maguire
France Medias Monde




Puwanart Kunpalin
Atime Media

Pichaya Angkatavanich
FM91 TrafficproThailand

Ben Williams
Beyond Broadcasting

Dr Edna Bernabe 
Polytechnic University

Wolfram Tech
BCI Group






Dr. Elizabeth S.Mendoza
Courseline International Services

Martin Corben
Radio Broadcast 
and Media Trainer

Phrawrawee Chindasri

 Radu Obreja
Digital Radio Mondiale


 Conference Organiser