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ABU/AIBD Seminar 
@ BroadcastAsia2019

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Suntec Singapore, Level 3, Room 308

SESSION 1: Digital Radio Implementation and Transition Strategy
SESSION 2: Management and Digitisation of Audio-Video Archives

Session 1: Digital Radio Implementation and Transition Strategy


  • Understand Technology of Digital Radio Standards;
  • Trends and Strategies being adopted for transition to Digital Radio Broadcasting all over the world;
  • Share case study and experiences on transition from analogue to digital broadcasting;
  • Build skills on smooth transition from Analogue to Digital Radio broadcasting.

09:00-09:20 Technology Updates of DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio Broadcasting   ~ DAB Family of Standards ~ DAB+ Specifications, Features and Benefits ~ DAB/DAB+ Transmission, Spectrum requirement and Network Design Mr Lindsay Cornell, Principal System Architect, BBC-UK 09:20-09:40 DAB+ Network Design - Advances in DAB/DAB+ Transmission Systems Delivers Cost Efficiencies for Broadcasters   Mr Richard Redmond, GatesAir, President/Managing Director-International
09:40-10:00 DAB+ Digital Radio Implementation  ~ Demonstrations, Trials and Roll-out ~ Spectrum and Regulatory issues and Receiver market
Ms Orasri Srirasa, Division Director, Digital Broadcasting Bureau, NBTC 10:00-10:30 Case Studies of DAB/DAB+ Digital Radio Implementation Ms Kathryn S Brown, Head of Strategic Development, Commercial Radio Australia
10:30-11:00 Tea/Coffee Break 11:00-11:30 Technology Updates of DRM Digital Radio ~ DRM Digital Radio Speficiations for AM and bands I, II (FM) and III, Features and Benefits ~ Network Design ~ Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) Mr Alexander Zink, Vice-Chairman DRM Consortium, Senior Business Development Manager, Fraunhofer IIS
11:30-12:00 DRM Implementation Steps ~ DRM Implementation Approach in digital AM and for local coverage ~ DRM Roll-out, Field Trials and demo Dr Albert Waal, Head of Hardware Development, RFmondial 12:00-12:30 Case Studies of DRM Digital Radio Implementation and Receivers Mr Sharad Sadhu, Digital Radio Consultant
Session 2: Management and Digitisation of Audio-Video Archives 14:00-14:10 Introduction and Welcome by Moderator

14:10-14:30 Preservation Techniques and Management of Existing Archives

~ Best storage conditions for tape archives

~ Tips on how you can prolong the life of existing archives

~ Handling of old tapes and machines

~ Preseravationa and restoration techniques

14:30-15:00 Moving to Digital Archives - Policies, Priorities and Workflow

~ Importance of having internal archiving policies

~ Creating and maintaining proper catalogues 

~ Priorities and developing standard procedures for arhiving workflows 

15:00-15:30 Metadata and Management of Digital Archives

~ Devising a standard metadata schema

~ Managing digital files – it is different from tapes

~ Tagging, searching and retrieval of digital archives

15:30-16:00 Digital Solutions for Preservation and Building a Modern Archiving Systems

~ Chosing the right formats & codecs for archiving

~ Choosing the right media for storage – online, nearline and deep archives

~ Standalone arvhices vs Media Asset Management systems and workflows

16:00-16:30 Case Studies and Experiences from Projects

~ Success stories in digitising archives

~ Best practice methods and how to avoid common mistakes