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2020 Global Summit on Media for Children – Jakarta 6- 8 July: Children’s Media Summit returns to Asia-Pacific

The Summit on Media for Children will return to the Asia-Pacific region next year, with Indonesia hosting this major global event.

Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI) , the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and the WSMC Foundation have reached agreement for organising the 2020 Global Summit on Media for Children in Jakarta on  6 – 8 July 2020 

Adrian Mills, Chair of the World Summit on Media for Children Foundation says “This will be an exciting global event and a major forum for media, educators, regulators and anyone interested in media for children and young people.” “It was hosted in Manchester in the United Kingdom in 2017, so we are delighted it will be held in the Asia-Pacific in 2020 before it goes to Dublin, Ireland in 2021.

TVRI President Director, Helmy Yahya says Indonesia is honoured to be the host of such a momentous event in the media calendar, given the challenges many Asia – Pacific nations face in serving younger audiences. 

“Indonesia alone has more than 100 million people aged under 24 and more than a quarter of our total population – some 65 million are aged under 14 years “ he says. 

“But whether we are large or small nations, we all face the challenges of serving younger audiences in an evolving digital world “ 

The Summit movement has been running now for 24 years, with eight Summits to date, bringing together educationalists, government agencies and media organisations from around the globe to advance the frontiers of making great media for children in the 21st Century. It is an opportunity for organisations large and small, developed or developing to network and to share knowledge, research, expertise and practical program-making in the same place, at the same time.

ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi says the 2020 Global Summit on Media for Children is important for the Asia-Pacific, a region containing half the world’s population, a large percentage of which is younger people. “It also allows Asia-Pacific broadcasters to showcase their work and provide leadership in the international field of media for children and young people,” he says. “The spotlight will be on Indonesia next year, so we’re all eager to see their children’s media at work first-hand.”

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