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ABU Technical Bureau discusses digital transition

The ABU Technical Bureau has reviewed the progress its members are making in the transition to digital broadcasting.

The bureau discussed the issue at its mid-year meeting in Kuala Lumpur on 8 March. Members also gave updates on new projects, future plans and some of the challenges they are facing.

They also reviewed the ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2019, which ended on 7 March.

The meeting was chaired by its new Chairman, Mr Hamid D Nayeri of IRIB-Iran. It saw a high turnout, with bureau members present from RTPRC-China, NHK-Japan, KBS-Korea, DDI-India, RTM-Malaysia, Mediacorp-Singapore, NBT-Thailand, TRT-Turkey, EAP-Sri Lanka, MTV-Sri Lanka and VTV-Vietnam.

Among other issues, the bureau discussed a recommendation on Ku-band satellite issue related to ITU WRC-19, they agreed to setup a study project on satellite broadcasting systems and to re-structure the Training and Services Study Topic Area. It also discussed arrangements for the Technical Bureau and Technical Committee meetings alongside the ABU General Assembly in Tokyo in November 2019.

The Bureau heard progress reports from the chairmen of its study projects in the areas of production, transmission, and spectrum.

In addition, the bureau agreed on new selection criteria for ABU Technical Review Prizes, which are announced annually.

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