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Mojo (mobile journalism) training in Kuala Lumpur for 23 Asiavision reporters

         In just three days, can you learn to shoot and edit news videos for tv bulletins, websites and social media? That’s exactly what 23 on-the-road reporters from Asiavision Member broadcasters accomplished in a workshop in Putrajaya from July 5-7. Leading the way - well-known Mojo trainers, Yusuf and Sumaiya Omar, who also run their own global social media network of mobile storytellers, #HashtagOurStories.

Journalists travelled from 18 different countries, from Bangladesh to Brunei, Maldives to Mongolia and across to the Pacific, including Fiji and Vanuatu. During the workshop, they used minimal equipment apart from their smart phones to shoot and edit two news videos, using live-broadcast techniques that translate well to the fast pace of reporting in the digital age. Same day stories – same hour stories – Mojo gives journalists these skills at their fingertips when shooting in the field.

Mojo is a major focus of the media development and training offered by the ABU’s News Department which plans to build on the success of the Putrajaya workshop in its training strategy in 2019/20.

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