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ABU Webinar Series

As part of new activities for our Members, ABU Programme Department has launched a series of webinars on a variety of topics relevant to the fast-changing broadcasting industry.  

The objective of the webinars is to facilitate online sessions on various topics and provide a forum to discuss issues concerning broadcasters and share knowledge and best practices on changing media trends.

Webinars or Web-based seminars are entirely run on an online platform. To join the webinar, participants will have to log on to the designated online platform either on a computer or a mobile device. For each webinar, the log in link will be provided and participants will have to register their names and email addresses to connect.

The webinars are free for ABU Members. 

Upcoming webinars



26 November 2018

Building Audience Connections in a Digital Media Organisation

Past webinars



25 October 2018

How to create videos that grab attention on social media?

18 September 2018

How to Combat Fake News [Reprise Edition]

14 August 2018

Immersive Journalism: The Next News Experience

17 July 2018

Digital Content & Copyright Issues: Challenges Faced by Broadcasters

20 June 2018

Boosting linear TV revenues with pop-up channels

16 April 2018

Digital Innovations for Digital Natives

22 March 2018

How Digital Transformation Impacts Broadcasters

21 February 2018

Innovation on a shoestring: How to keep up with media disruption by experimenting with limited resources

18 January 2018

Interactive Storytelling

11 December 2017

Cybersecurity for Broadcasters

27 November 2017

Social Media Policy for Broadcasters

11 October 2017

Mobile Journalism

20 September 2017

How to combat Fake News

27 July 2017

Digital Storytelling Using Multimedia Tools: Empowering the Voiceless in the Digital World

15 June 2017

Generating Successful Data-Driven Multimedia Content

24 May 2017

Copyright Issues Related to Content

27 April 2017

Exploring Multimedia Narratives – How to Build a Compelling Investigative Story

29 March 2017

Redefining Media Content Through Transmedia Storytelling

22 February 2017

Engaging Audiences in the Digital Media Landscape

17 January 2017

Social Media Ethics for Broadcasters

15 December 2016

360 Degree Content: From Buzzword to Reality

Check back this space for more updates on upcoming webinars.

We welcome suggestions on topics for our future webinars. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop a note to

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