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Future of News Survey results reveal new skill requirements

A survey by ABU News has highlighted the training needs of reporters and producers as they strive to adapt to new technologies, changing audience behaviours and new forms of content making.

Between January and May 2024, 50 journalists, producers and editors at ABU members undertook The Future of News survey.  They were from 24 countries across the Asia-Pacific region, from Samoa to Mongolia, Indonesia to Nepal, and from the Maldives to Uzbekistan and Turkiye.

The comprehensive 40 question survey was designed to explore perceptions about the issues driving change in the news industry and how they are impacting on careers in journalism and future prospects.

Among the findings, respondents called for training on GenerativeAI tools, as well as data visualisation and animated video production. There were also calls for Gen Z to be included in more decision-making and for improvements in pay and conditions.

The results will be published in The Future of News report.