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TD Activities

The ABU Technology undertakes a wide range of activities addressing the current needs of the members which include organising workshops, seminars, conferences, symposiums, Technical Advisory Service, producing publications etc.

Technology Activities in 2021

25-27 January | Webinar on OTT & IBB Technologies and Services

1-4 March | Satellite Technologies for Broadcasters | Webinar

26 March | Webinar on Video Compression Technologies and Applications

5-8 April | ABU DBS 2021 | Virtual Event

May | Webinar on IP Infrastructure & Applications

June | Training Course on Engineering Fundamentals for Broadcasters

June | ABU Technical Bureau Mid-Year Meeting 

July | Workshop on Archiving and Media Management 

Aug-Sept | Annual Webinar Series 2021 








Technical Committee

All policy matters are decided by the Technical Committee, which comprises all ABU members. Representatives of the technical departments of ABU members meet annually prior to the General Assembly. The TC reviews the studies and activities and addresses administrative matters.


Technical Advisory Service

Administered by the Technology Department this service provides the developing broadcasters among ABU members with the help they need in improving their standards of service and equip staff with skills needed to perform their responsibilities and planning new projects.



ABU continues to work closely with the WBU Technical Committee WBU-TC and WBU-ISOG group. Currently the major issues are spectrum, Integrated Broadband Broadcast, net neutrality, and the future of broadcasting. ABU Technology is working on the Digital Radio Handbook for WBU-TC.


Technical Bureau

The Technical Bureau, which comprises 18 members representing all categories of member broadcasters in the region. The annual meeting takes place in conjunction with the TC. The bureau assesses activities proposed for the ensuing year, in terms of relevance to members and the industry.


Information and Publications

Providing technical information to the members is a main activity of the Technology Department. The activity takes various forms including the publications of ABU Technical Review and regular distribution containing a selection of the most useful papers published in technical journals.


Study Topic Areas

The Chairmen of Study Topic Areas coordinate research and study a range of technological developments. The purpose of such studies includes addressing new technologies and the harmonization of technical standards and operational practices in the region.