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Sports Department

ABU Sports serve members in terms sports content acquisitions, and on-site production needs. With a mission to assist members, ABU Sports manage rights for major sporting events and organises coverage for, and on behalf of members. The team facilitates co-productions in collaboration with members, bringing together talents from across Asia and the Pacific. ABU Sports also provide rights-free content exchange between and among members via the ABU Sports & Entertainment Network.

The Team

Cai Yanjiang – Director

Kesang – Senior Project Manager

Nur Jalilah Jali- Assistant Project Manager

Mohd Izzuddin Shafiq Ideris- Team Assistant




The ABU Sports Group is open to ABU members interested in sports broadcasting. The group meets twice a year. Its discussions cover sports rights and facilities to trends in sports broadcasting, information on upcoming events of interest and relations with sporting bodies.

Often, guest speakers are invited from federations, organising committees and sports agencies to attend the ABU Sports Conference, which is held back to back to the ABU Sports Group. The Secretariat maintains contact on sports matters with other broadcasting unions and major sports federations. The Head of Sport attends important international meetings on sports broadcasting and passes on information to the members.

Sports Group Chairperson

Ms Lorraine Yuen

Media Contents Committee

Chairperson : KBS Korea

Committee Members :-

KBS Korea
Mediacorp Singapore
NBT Thailand
RTHK Hong Kong SAR

VTV Vietnam

The Media Contents Committee or MCC meets twice a year – during the ABU General Assembly in October and in Spring. The committee basically reviews the activities of the ABU Sports and discuss issues related to rights acquisition of sporting events.

Finance Committee

Chairperson : CCTV China

Committee Members :
CCTV China
BTV Bangladesh
NHK Japan
TBS Japan

VTV Vietnam

The committee is mandated to maintain that the expenditure from the Sports Fund is spent judiciously for the benefit of the members. The fund is basically meant to develop and enhance sports broadcasting and support a limited number of members who are unable to pay for the rights and technical costs.