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Ok Taecyeon confirmed to star Japanese film ‘Grand Maison Paris’

Ok Taecyeon is set to star in the upcoming Japanese film, “La Grande Maison Paris” alongside Takuya Kimura.

‘Grand Maison Paris’ is the film adaptation of the popular 2019 TBS drama ‘Grand Maison Tokyo.’ The movie reunites the original cast, including Takuya Kimura, Kyoka Suzuki, Ikki Sawamura, and Mitsuhiro Oikawa. The story follows genius chefs Natsuki Obana (played by Takuya Kimura) and Rinko Hayami (Kyoka Suzuki) as they open ‘Grand Maison Paris’ in France after earning three Michelin stars in Japan, and their challenge to become the first Asians to achieve three Michelin stars in Paris.

Speaking about his collaboration with the team, Taecyeon stated, “Being able to work with Kimura and an international team, shooting across Japan and France, is a valuable experience. I am excited and honoured for this.”