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The 24th Arab Radio and TV Festival to celebrate excellence in media and technology

The highly anticipated 24th session of the Arab Radio and TV Festival is set to take place from June 26th to June 29th in Tunis. Since its inception in 1981, this festival has been the most prestigious event in the Arab world, dedicated to celebrating advancements in media, art, and technology. 

Organised by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), the festival showcases a wide range of activities that attract attention from across the Arab region and beyond.

The festival objectives include encouraging the growth of high-quality Arab radio and television content, providing a platform for communication and collaboration among media professionals, enhancing audience engagement and showcasing Arab civilisation.

The festival features a variety of engaging activities including competitions (in categories such as drama, documentaries, talk shows, and entertainment programs); seminars, as well as the ASBU Broadcast Convention & Programmes Market –  this exhibition highlights the latest technologies in radio and television production, offering a space for production companies to showcase their work and network with industry representatives.

The festival’s opening and closing ceremonies are significant highlights, celebrating Arab creativity with artistic performances. Each year, these events honour notable Arab creatives and award outstanding participants in radio and television competitions. The ceremonies have a rich history of featuring high-quality performances that attract large audiences. Last year’s closing ceremony at the ancient Carthage Theater added a unique historical dimension, enhancing the festival’s appeal.

As the festival approaches, professionals and enthusiasts from the Arab world and beyond eagerly anticipate this event. The 24th Arab Radio and TV Festival promises to be a remarkable celebration of media excellence, innovation, and cultural heritage.