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MPEGIF launches ‘3D over MPEG’ campaign

The world’s largest advocacy group for standard’s based digital television technologies MPEG Industry Forum (MPEGIF) has announced the formation of the 3DTV Working Group and launch of the ‘3D over MPEG’ campaign.

The new working group and campaign continue MPEGIF’s successful work in furthering the widespread adoption and deployment of MPEG-related standards including MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, the Emmy-Award winning video compression technology.

Dr. Sean McCarthy, Chair of the newly formed 3DTV Working Group said: “3DTV is of keen interest to everyone in the video creation and delivery industries.

“The challenge we all face is that of sorting through the myriad technical options. Our common goal is to create a 3DTV ecosystem that delivers great new experiences to consumers. The 3DTV Working Group and the ‘3D over MPEG’ campaign are designed to provide focus and clear information to decision makers.

“3DTV can be distributed today using MPEG-related standards. Existing broadband and broadcast services and infrastructures are 3D-ready, and ongoing works by standards bodies provide a compelling path for the future evolution of 3DTV.”

The 3DTV Working Group will provide a forum for free exchange of information related to this emerging technology, an industry voice advocating the adoption of standards and for consolidating the overall direction of the 3DTV industry.

Its focus and constituency will be derived from video service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, content owners, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, software providers, as well as industry advocacy groups, industry analysts, financial institutions and academic institutes.