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NHK WORLD HD Launched on Sky With GlobeCast

Friday 13 May 2011
GlobeCast and Japan International Broadcasting, Inc. (JIB) announce that NHK WORLD HD has launched on the Sky and Freesat platforms in the U.K. GlobeCast provides re-encoding, uplink, and capacity on Eutelsat’s EUROBIRDTM 1, bringing the channel to a new community of over 10 million Sky subscribers, and over a million Freesat viewers.

NHK WORLD HD is a 24/7 English language channel produced by JIB and NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, fed live from Tokyo. With two of the world’s three largest economies located in Asia, NHK WORLD TV delivers a unique geographic and cultural perspective on important developments in this highly influential region. The recent crisis in Japan resulting from its greatest natural disaster proved the value of NHK WORLD TV and provided an invaluable service to people throughout the world. Powerful HD images and information about fast changing events were broadcast live on NHK WORLD TV to an audience of over 137 million potential households in more than 120 countries.

JIB, a subsidiary of NHK, is the exclusive distributor of NHK WORLD HD throughout the world. NHK has newsgathering operations throughout Japan, Asia, and elsewhere around the world, including 30 international news bureaus. Newsline, focusing on news events in Asia and the world, airs live from Tokyo at the top of every hour. Additional original content including business, technology, fashion, food, travel, and other cultural programs designed for global audiences, are broadcast in four-hour cycles suited to time zones around the world.