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About Asiavision

The ABU’s Asiavision, a daily TV news exchange programme, is a vital link for many broadcasters in the Asia-Pacific.

Since its launch in 1984, the daily news exchange has been covering the major events of the day, providing a major source of news for its members. 

Established for the free exchange of news among participating members, Asiavision has no commercial or political aims.

Through its operations centre in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, Asiavision members now exchange more than more than 17,600 news stories a year via file transfer.

There are 34 Asiavision members: RTA-Afghanistan, Saba TV-Afghanistan, BTV-Bangladesh, RTB-Brunei, PNN- Cambodia, CCTV-China, FBC-Fiji, FijiTV-Fiji, TVB-Hong Kong, Metro TV-Indonesia, TVRI-Indonesia, DDI-India, IRIB-Iran, NHK-Japan, KBS-Republic of Korea, TDM-Macau, RTM-Malaysia, PSM-Maldives, Forever Group-Myanmar, MRTV-Myanmar, NTV-Nepal, EMTV-Papua New Guinea, ABS-CBN Philippines, SBC-Samoa, Channel News Asia-Singapore, SLRC-Sri Lanka, MCOT-Thailand, RTTL-Timor Leste, TRT-Turkey, TVTM-Turkmenistan, UATV-Ukraine, MTRK-Uzbekistan, VBTC-Vanuatu and VTV-Vietnam.

Asiavision. The voice of Asia. Telling the Asian story, today.

These are our members: