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Sports Department

ABU Sports Department Services:

Media Service and management
In an increasingly fragmented sport broadcasting market, and with ever increasing rights fee, most of broadcasters are faced with the challenge of securing broadcast rights. In addition to public and private broadcasters from developing countries who have limited purchasing power often the national broadcasters and private channels in developing countries are also faced with the same challenge.  

The ABU Sports negotiates the deals on behalf of the members, and enters into contract with the federations and right holders. The major events, which are of common interest to the ABU members, are the Summer Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, and the Asian Games. Increasingly members are also interested in the Winter Olympics, and the Commonwealth Games. The ABU Sports is also working towards bringing single sport events and many other regional and world champion competitions to the members.

Production & Delivery
In the 1980’s & 90’s, the ABU Sports Services usually consisted of small IBC operation and a single delivery path to the rights-holding members. Since 2000, multilateral programme streams were delivered in partnership with right holding broadcasters providing a greater of coverage, with unilateral play-out windows where possible.For example, during 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and the Incheon Asian Games, the ABU produced six multi-feeds further enhancing its service to its members. In the future, the ABU Sports is also planning to expand its on-site production services to daily operation services to facilitate members’ requirements on on-site production and delivery. 

International Liaison & Information
Besides liaising with federations, the ABU Sports also provide timely information on the sports market situation, and advise on the need to plan well ahead of major events and budgeting. These services are found important especially, for the public service and free to air channels

Logistic and Technical support
This is one area, which has proved useful for the members over the years. We help to secure accreditation to accommodation and work space to other technical facilities. We liaise with organisers and right holders on behalf of members for the smooth coverage of major events.  

Capacity building of its members is one of the major activities the ABU undertakes every year. Over the past years the Sports department has successfully organised and conducted training related to production, camera works, direction, marketing etc. During coming year the Sports department is planning several training and workshops in collaboration with members.