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CNN iReport marks fifth anniversary of citizen journalism

Thursday 04 Aug 2011
Five years after inviting CNN’s global audience to contribute photos and video of the news of the day, CNN iReport, the network’s participatory news community, has grown into a globally recognised platform.

To date, iReport has received a submission from every country on the planet with an average of 2.4 million unique users each month through June 2011.

From the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Japan to the Virginia Tech shooting, CNN iReporters have provided some of the first images of these important stories to a global audience, in addition to their unique points of view from the ground.

To mark the anniversary, CNN iReport is organising gatherings with iReporters from more than 50 cities.

“We created iReport to engage viewers who have a desire to share and participate in the telling of stories that touch their lives. CNN iReporters have exceeded our expectations in both the quality and quantity of their submissions over the last five years,” said Jim Walton, President of CNN Worldwide.

“The iReport five-year anniversary is a perfect time to celebrate iReport and all it stands for: an amazing community, storytelling with heart, and a breakthrough model for participatory journalism,” said Lila King, Participation Director for CNN Digital.

Later this year, CNN will unveil a new site and platform for iReport.