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KBS hires a visually-impaired news anchor

Thursday 04 Aug 2011
KBS appointed Lee Chang-hun, 27, who is totally blind, as news anchor on 25 July. It is the first time in Korea that a terrestrial broadcaster has employed a disabled person as its news anchor.

KBS announced its plan to hire a disabled person as a news anchor on 17 June and received 523 applications. The decision was in line with KBS’ belief that one of the objectives of public service broadcasting is to encourage society not to discriminate against the disabled.

To mark Mr Lee’s appointment, members of KBS’ executive committee, including its President & CEO Dr Kim In-kyu, gathered at the KBS headquarters in Seoul.

Mr Lee, who lost his sight completely at the age of seven due to encephalomeningitis, has been working as news reader for Korea Blind Internet Cast, a web-based radio service for the blind, since 2007. After he completes three months of training, Mr Lee will appear on KBS news programmes.