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Australia’s TV bosses ditch 3D

Wednesday 10 Aug 2011
Free-to-air channels appear to have abandoned 3D technology even though thousands of Australians splashed out more than A$361 million (US369 million) on 3D TVs following successful trials of the technology last year, the Courier-Mail reported.

Broadcasting groups have confirmed 3D TV transmitters have now been removed from transmission towers in Australia’s capital cities.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has not received more applications for 3D TV trials, even though its transmission channel would remain available until December.

The lack of interest means major upcoming events, including the Rugby World Cup, will not be televised in 3D..

Fusion Strategy media analyst Steve Allen said the lack of action could relegate 3D TV technology to another passing fad.

“The problem for telecasters is that 3D is all very interesting, but it costs a lot more to telecast so until there’s a big demand they’re not going to do it,” Mr Allen said.

“My feeling is that 3D was a fad and it has stalled.

“It may pick up again but that’s not going to change in the short-term.”

Broadcast ONE managing director Darren Kirsop-Frearson confirmed the 3D transmitters used to broadcast 3D coverage of the State of Origin and FIFA World Cup last year had been removed.

But he said free-to-air television networks could still hold more 3D trials if they wanted.

“Technically, it can be done,” Mr Kirsop-Frearson said. “The antennas are still there but they require a separate (3D) transmitter to send these broadcasts.