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Asiavision’s membership expands to Myanmar

Friday 19 Aug 2011
Forever Group, a television and radio operator in Myanmar, is to join Asiavision, the ABU’s daily news exchange, on 1 September.

Its admission brings Asiavision’s membership to 23, the highest since its launch in January 1984.

It’s the first time Asiavision has had a member in Myanmar and means the news exchange’s reach now extends to 20 countries. Members exchange news every day by satellite and file transfer.

Established in 1995, Forever Group runs 22 digital TV channels across the country. Two are free-to-air channels operated in partnership with Myanmar Radio and Television, and the others are pay-TV.

It also operates two radio stations, Mandalay FM and Pyinsawadi FM.

Meanwhile, India’s national TV broadcaster, Doordarshan, has won the Asiavision Monthly Award for July for its coverage of three blasts that ripped through crowded areas of Mumbai on 13 July.

The explosions killed more than 20 people and injured more than 150.