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ABU Engineering Excellence Awards get good response

Tuesday 23 Aug 2011
The ABU has received over a dozen nominations from members and industry players in 11 countries for this year’s ABU Engineering Excellence Awards.

The Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award recognises outstanding contributions to broadcast engineering and related disciplines. This award is sponsored by Professional Solutions Asia Pacific Company (Hong Kong) (Sony) for the fifth year running.

The Engineering Industry Excellence Award is given for the most outstanding engineering contribution made by an individual in the broadcasting industry in the region.

Nominations were received from Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Vietnam.

The winners will be chosen by two panels of judges and the results will be announced at the ABU Technical Committee meeting in New Delhi on 3 November. The awards will be presented on ABU Prizes night on 7 November during the ABU General Assembly in the Indian capital.