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Philippines’ NTC endorses Japan’s digital TV standard

Wednesday 24 Aug 2011
Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Tuesday said it will endorse to the government the adoption of the Japanese standard for the Philippines’ migration to digital terrestrial TV, The Manila Times reports.

Jose Carlo Martinez, NTC Deputy Commissioner told reporters that the technical working group and most of the broadcasting networks chose Japan’s Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial standard over Europe’s Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial 2.

Mr Martinez said both platforms met the criteria set by the TWG but the Japanese set-top box was more affordable at US$20 compared with the European standard’s at US$40.

He expects NTC to issue the implementing rules and regulations before the end of the year.

The regulator estimates that around 14 million Filipino households use analogue TV sets. The country plans to migrate from analogue to digital TV by 2015.

The Association of Broadcasters of the Philippines (KBP) had earlier recommended the adoption of ISDB-T because of its affordable set-top boxes and the assistance that the Japanese government promised the Philippines.

KBP said various TV networks have undertaken test broadcasts of digital broadcast using ISDB-T, namely ABS-CBN, Net 25, RPN, IBC 13, Channel 4 and SBN.

The Philippines will be the first in Asia (other than Japan) to adopt the Japanese standard for digital TV.