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Be constructive, Bangladesh media told

Thursday 25 Aug 2011
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has invited constructive criticisms from the media to help her government run the country on the right track, The Daily Star reports.

“Your constructive criticisms would help us know about our flaws,” she said at an event hosted by the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists and the Dhaka Union of Journalists at the National Press Club in Dhaka today.

The Prime Minister also requested the media to refrain from making false propaganda against the government.

“Please do not do yellow journalism. When a false story is told repeatedly, the people also start believing it as true,” she said.

Ms Hasina said her government had issued fresh television licences for the public good. “Many people have been employed after these TV stations came into operation. But we are paying for that. We are in for criticism whenever the TV is switched on.”

“Unfortunately, it now seems the nation has to pay for this revolution. I regularly watch television news and programmes. I have to listen to harsh criticisms of the government, though we are working sincerely for people’s development.”