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Malaysia’s health ministry to launch TV channel

Thursday 08 Sep 2011
Malaysia’s Ministry of Health is looking to launch an official TV channel, MedikTV, which will focus on health care, The Edge reports.

According to Medic Channel (M) Sdn Bhd Chairman Dr Rahman Ismail, MedikTV will initially available on internet protocol TV (IPTV) and online as well.

He said today that MedikTV would transform the way the ministry communicates with its stakeholders, customers and staff. The channel would provide an avenue to educate Malaysians on healthcare and wellness issues.

“Based on the Ministry of Health’s demographics report, the channel has a targeted viewership of 24.9 million people annually comprising visitors and patients,” he said.

It was also announced that Vasseti Datatech Bhd will invest up to RM400 million (US$133.7 million) in MedikTV. The company had approached the ministry with the initial proposal. Under the proposal, Vasseti and its subsidiary, Medic Channel, would deploy 1,410 42-inch TV sets to 138 hospitals, 15 state health departments, five clinics and 10 Ministry of Health sites to air MedikTV.

The company expects to recoup its costs though advertising revenue from private corporations such as medical product manufacturers.

The gross net income is estimated at RM470 million ($157 million) by end 2020.