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KBS launches K-Player

Tuesday 27 Sep 2011
KBS-Korea recently launched K-Player, a digital media platform that allows the audience to watch KBS programmes on smart phones, PCs, tablet PCs and any Internet-enabled device.

The K-Player allows KBS to deliver its content without being limited by distance or time. Once downloaded to a PC or smart phone, the K-Player enables the viewer to watch 10 KBS TV and radio channels with superior picture quality than that of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, a mobile phone TV service.

When the video-on-demand service is launched in December, viewers will be able to watch programmes even after they have aired.

K-Player offers the provision of the N-Screen service. The service enables broadcast content to be shared on multiple devices, combining TV and the Internet for a two-way exchange.

It is anticipated that when the final phase of K-Player is completed in 2012, it will also screen the content of other Korean broadcasters as well as that of global content providers.

For now, viewers in Korea can access the K-Player via