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ABU Preparatory Seminar on WRC-12 wraps up

Monday 11 Jul 2011

The ABU draft proposals on selected WRC-12 agenda items submitted at the plenary session of the seminar, will now be sent to all members for their comments and approval. The ABU position on WRC-12 agenda items will then be submitted to regional meetings and at the ITU’s World Radiocommunication Conference 2012.

The four-day seminar was attended by spectrum experts from around the world. Participants from ABU member organisations played an important role in drafting the ABU proposals.

The seminar updated participants on the current status of spectrum issues related to broadcasting services, through presentations and discussions with experts, in relation to the CPM11.02 report and its outcome. The participants were urged to raise these issues to their respective regulatory authorities so that these could be reflected in their national proposals to the WRC-12.

The ABU also hosted a half-day session of the World Broadcasting Unions – Technical Committee’s Spectrum Group, which discussed on common proposals on related issues from the various broadcasting unions.

The ITU’s WRC-12 Conference, which will take place from 23 Jan to 14 Feb 2012 in Geneva, will decide many important frequency spectrum matters. The protection of broadcasting services in the UHF band, frequency harmonisation for ENG links and usage of the 21 GHz satellite TV services are among issues that will possibly impact broadcasting and related services.

The Preparatory Seminar on WRC-12 was organised by the ABU with support from the Hoso-Bunka Foundation and with assistance from the ITU, EBU, NHK, RTPRC, TVNZ, IRIB, CASBAA and AsiaSat.