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Current Projects


ABU Prizes 2010

Call for Entry: 12 April 2010 Entry Deadline: 4 June 2010

Rights free radio and TV programme for ABU members

The ABU is distributing rights free radio and TV contents on Tsunami of which happened in Banda Aceh in December 2004. The disaster had brought serious damages to the people in several South East Asian countries. This is an initiative by Metro TV-Indonesia, Health Communication Resources and supported by the ABU. Visit Rights Free Programme for further details.

‘Green Radio’, an initiative by Radio Republik Indonesia, supported by the ABU.

Write to us for download access.


Light Off Campaign
Date: 21 June
Venue/host: TBS and supported by ABU

WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights: 20th Session
Date: 21-24 June
Venue/host: Geneva