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Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Coming of Asia: the roar of the Sporting Tigers!
One of Asia’s top sports administrators will lead keynote speakers at the Sports Group Meeting at Chiang Mai.

His Royal Highness, Prince Tunku Imran, will lead a powerful line-up of speakers at the 48th Sports Group Conference, which is being sponsored by the two national broadcasters of Thailand, TPT and NBT.

Tunku Imran will address the rapid emergence of Asian countries in the past 20 years and also the commercial strength of key sports.

“But the real story of modern Olympism, the one created by Pierre de Coubertin, and for some decades later, was one that proved to everyone who followed international sport that Asia could not only produce Olympic gold medallists, but also a string of world titleists who could dominate their chosen sport.

“They did so without the infrastructure, coaching, and investment that the United States, Europe and Australasia poured into finding, tapping and developing their athletic icons,” he will tell the 100 registered delegates from across the region and Europe.

The China Daily has described him as “James Bond with an abacus”.
Australia’s Chief Economist with AusTrade, Tim Harcourt, has a strong following throughout Asia. The China Daily went on to say:

“It is fair to say Harcourt belongs to the rock star generation of economists including Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt (Freakonomics), Tim Hartford (The Undercover Economist) and the Mick Jagger of modern economics, Joseph Stiglitz; all who combine sociology, philosophy, and an ability to crunch human foibles as well as numbers to draw up overreaching economic strategies”.

Mr Harcourt will outline how sports can boost bilateral trade and gross national income.

Can Asia ever win the Fifa World Cup?
The most coveted prize in world sport has eluded the best that Asia can offer, but that may change in the coming years, according to the man known Down Under as “Mr Football”, Les Murray.

Mr Murray is also Chairman of the ABU Sports Group. He is a well-known commentator and blogger.

“I think there is an inevitability about it. The skills are there. So, too, the coaches. It is just a question of time!”

The 48th Sports Group Conference will take place in Chiang Mai over three days (7-9 June 2011).

Our hosts are the Television Pool of Thailand (TPT and the National Broadcaster of Thailand (NBT).

It is my pleasure to invite you to attend the conference which will include addresses from leading sports administrators, discussions on topical issues, and event planning and management for the London Olympic Games, World Athletics Championships, European Football Championships, among others. There will also be presentations from International Sports Marketing firms, and federations.

You should also note:

  1. The deadline for registration is 30 May
  2. You may require a visa to enter Thailand, which can take some time to process

If you have any queries please contact either Letchumi, or Dylan Chuan at the Secretariat.

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Chiang Mai is one of the more beautiful and culturally significant places in Asia. It has a long a rich history, with many famous landmarks.

Hotel accommodation for delegates will be arranged at the Imperial Mae Ping hotel, a 4-star hotel features 371 well furnished guestrooms located in the very centre of Chiang Mai with only 10 minutes’ drive from the airport, a few steps away from the renowned night bazaar, and to various cultural attractions.

The hotel is also close to the remains of the city walls that once had protected this ancient city. Moreover, you will find the glorious temples dating to the 14th century. You can also marvel the natural wonders of the city. The Mae Ping River flows quietly through the centre, while the imperial peak of Doi Suthep majestically guards the city.

The Imperial Mae Ping hotel is designed to accommodate every need of business and leisure travellers for every purpose of visit.

Click to download the hotel booking form, fill it in and e-mail it back to Dylan at

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Discover the splendours of Chiang Mai