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DVB-T2 Technology Demonstration and Field Trial event begins in Kuala Lumpur

Monday 07 Mar 2011

The DVB-T2 Technology Demonstration and Field Trial kicked off in Kuala Lumpur today. The event jointly organised by ABU, the DVB Project, Radio Television Malaysia and Rohde and Schwarz will present the second-generation DVB terrestrial standard DVB-T2 technology.

The four-day event comprises a two-day workshop followed by two-day field measurement exercise in and around the city of Kuala Lumpur. The workshop showcases DVB-T2 technology, its implementation, advanced features and its benefits compared to the first generation DVB-T. It will also demonstrate the differences in transmission parameters and coverage reach using a DVB-T2 test transmission commissioned for the trial.

With over 120 participants from around the region representing 16 countries, the event aims to provide information and share expertise with the participants towards helping them set up and operate such transmissions in their own countries.

The event is supported by many industry partners including, Telekom Malaysia, Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission, Media Broadcast GmbH, Broadcast Australia, Strategy & Technology Limited, T-Vips AS, Digital TV Labs and Funke Digital.