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First ISDB-T test suite for receivers

Friday 12 Aug 2011

UK-based Digital TV Labs has announced that it has developed and shipped the first commercially available receiver test suite for digital terrestrial deployments of the ISDB-T standard, beginning with test services for South America.

The company’s new ISDB-T Evora iSuite can directly test against the Brazilian receiver specification, providing manufacturers with a fast and technologically secure route to market. In addition, the company said it has spent considerable time and effort working across South America, analysing the ISDB-T broadcasts across 30 cities. The company then incorporated the specification and regional variations into the test suite, thus ensuring receiver interoperability in real broadcast environments. With hundreds of RF captures collected from a wide variety of locations, and in addition to its Brazilian receiver conformance tests, it is now possible to offer comprehensive receiver RF test suites and testing services for Brazil, Argentina and Chile.