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Green Radio

On 4 May, Green Radio and Lights Off for the first time were integrated to promote awareness among the people beyond its boarder. This idea was raised and sponsored by the ABU Programme Department since it is known that 4 May is ‘Green Day’, a holiday, in Japan.

For this, Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc (TBS) had kindly assigned its radio producer Yukie Osada and Jun Ogawa, its ABU Liaison Officer to Indonesia where they joined the RRI team, led by President Director of RRI Parni Hadi, to visit Bone(pronounce BO-NE).

Bone is a small town in southeast of Sulewashi Island. The team took a four-hour drive over the mountainous area, and arrived at a local Islamic boarding school of AL-IKHLAS. RRI had prepared to hold a tree planting ceremony at the venue in conjunction with the collaboration campaign. The idea was to educate young generation the importance of keeping the environment green and raise the awareness on global environment.

The ceremony kicked off with traditional songs and dances. In his speech, Mr Hadi said that: “This is a historical moment for two radio organisations from different countries working together”.

The Indonesian government and local authorities also took part in planting the fruit trees. As the campaign’s intention is to support the living of the needed, these trees will produce fruits giving a source of income to them in the future.

However, the collaboration was not only about the ceremony nevertheless it was broadcast live both by RRI and TBS. The reporting a tree planting campaign by an Indonesian radio caught the ears and minds of Japanese audiences. It gave strong message that beyond boarder, we should and must take hand in hand to cope with a global issue such as climate change.

Past events:

Green Radio and Lights Off collaboration | May 4, 2010