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Preparatory meeting for the WRC-12 kicks off

Monday 14 Feb 2011

ITU’s Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) for the World Radiocommunication Conference 2012 (WRC-12) has just commenced in Geneva.

The four-day event comprises a two-day workshop followed by two-day field measurement Over 1,500 frequency spectrum specialists from ITU member countries and industry organisations are participating in the conference. The ABU is represented by several member organisations from various countries.

During the two-week meeting, the CPM will deliver a comprehensive report. It is a 400-page document that contains all the information and proposed solutions to the issues raised, pertaining to the WRC-12. This information will help all concerned to prepare their proposals towards resolving frequency spectrum issues.

Several of these issues pertain to the broadcasting services, including frequency spectrum for outdoor broadcasting services, the use of 21 GHz spectrum for a new generation of satellites for broadcasting of Ultra-High definition TV, 3DTV and similar advanced services, and protecting UFH TV bands against incursions by the mobile telecom industry.

– Sharad Sadhu