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ABU Children’s TV Programme Item Exchange Meeting and Workshop

ABU Children’s S TV Programme Item-Exchange Meeting & Workshop
2 – 7 JULY 2012 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

The Programme Department, ABU invites its members to participate in the above meeting & workshop. 

The first three days are for viewing and discussion on the items brought for the exchange, followed by a three-day workshop.  Participants can choose to attend one or both events.

However, participants are strongly encouraged to participate in both the exchange meeting and workshop in view of the different objectives which we believe will be most beneficial to all participants.

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Draft agenda
Participation form
Entry form


2 – 4 July 2012                   Part 1                :               Item-Exchange Meeting
5 – 7 July 2012                   Part 2                :               Workshop

For enquiries or to participate, please contact Mrs Hanizah Hamzah – Senior Executive (TV), Programme Department. Participation is open until
31 May 2012.

Tel                  :         +603 2282 2480 / 3592
Fax                 :         +603 2282 5
292 / 4606
E-mail            :

About the ABU Children’s TV Item-Exchange Meeting & Workshop

ABU Children’s TV Programme Item-Exchange Meeting first started in 1992
and has grown from strength to strength each year.  We have seen the
steady increase in the number of participants as well as the number of
good programmes submitted.  The quality of the programmes has improved
tremendously partly due to the continuing efforts of the ABU as well as
regular participants from member organisations.


submitting a minimum of just four items deemed suitable for the
exchange by the meeting, your organisation will be eligible to take all
the other items brought in by the other participants to the KL meeting
at rights free!