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DRM+ trials to launch in Sri Lanka

Monday 22 Nov 2010

DRM Consortium in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) will be conducting a DRM+ trial and a workshop in Sri Lanka. The two-day DRM+ technical trial planned for 29-30 November will be followed by a workshop from 1-3 December, where participants will be invited to observe the results of the trial and be able to learn more about the DRM+ standards.

This event will be the first DRM+ trial in the Asia-Pacific region. SLBC has offered the DRM Consortium its full support and the use of one of its low power stations in Colombo.

A two-day DRM+ demonstration is scheduled to air in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 29 to 30 November. The event reflects a collaboration between the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka(TRC), the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), Germany’s international broadcaster, Deutsche Welle and the ABU.

DRM+ transmission system uses frequencies between a spectrum of 0.1 MHz and 174 MHz. This innovative technology will offer better signal quality with a contemporaneous analogue and digital transmission, with propagation features that satisfy the multiple needs of radio stations in relation to their respective catchment area.

The focus of this event will be on digital broadcast options for regional and local radio stations. The quality of DRM+ digital broadcast will feature at the event.

The primary objective is to verify the parameters of reliability, quality and multifunctional use of the DRM+ system and to train the participants to have sufficient expertise in the area of DRM+ transmission technologies.